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Safaricom apn settings for android

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Safaricom apn settings for android

Android. Step 1. Select 'Apps' and go to 'Settings'. Step 2. Select More or More/Cellular Networks.. Step 3. Select 'Mobile Networks', select Access Point Names or APN. Step 4. Reset to default and select 'reset' to confirm. Step 5. Add APN:

Upute kako podesiti internetske postavke na uređaju s Android operativnim sustavom. Uđite u glavni izbornik pa pronađite i dodirnite Postavke (Settings); U podizborniku Postavke dodirnite Veze (Connections); U podizborniku Veze pronađite i dodirnite Mobilne mreže (Mobile networks); U podizborniku Mobilne mreže dodirnite Pristupne točke (APN) (Access point names)This will tell you which APN your phone is using at this current time. I have found it easiest to edit the APN your phone is using already. You then look where it says "_id=SOME NUMBER". 4. Once you know what number your phones APN settings is using then its time to issue the commands to edit that apn Number field.

Android APN Setup. Android 8.0+ Oreo/Pie. 1 Open the Settings app. 2 Select Network & Internet. 3 Select Mobile Network. 4 Under Advanced, select Access Point Names. 5 Tap on the More button (3 dots) and select New APN. 6 Enter afrihost into the Name and APN fields. 7 Enter default,supl into APN Type field.